How's this for slimy

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    Well -- now you really know what Oz voted for with Morrison

    this is in your face slimy politics

    So - Morrison sends in the Federal legal dogs to support Clive Palmer to overturn state legislation because he stated

    'it 'could' be unconstitutional --

    ok - so, it's  a principled stand on the issue --------- at the time - we are in a pandemic

    then ----- AFTER he's found to be on the nose with the idea and will lose votes --

    OUT THE WINDOW GO THE PRINCIPLES  - and,  he's upfront about the reasons ------------------- my god

    why ------------- (we are still in a pandemic dahl - nothings changed) --

    because the public thinks his interference is ON THE NOSE

    Now here's the slimy bit ---------------- mate - it's either a principled stand - or it isn't ------------ you stood because you said - it's thought to be unconstitutional or it isn't

    what you are saying now is that - even if it IS unconstitutional ------------- you are now ok with that - because of public pressure AND, you think the bug has got worse

    absolute crap ----------- you do NOT sway from it - it's either unconstitutional

    now - if you have changed your mind - then you should be swinging commonwealth power to the other side - that's logical isn't it??????????

    if it's so important - that you thought you should interfere on one side - now, you think it's so important to withdraw - then, why not support the other side???

    weak as water and slimy as NZ river snot
    Commonwealth withdraws from Clive Palmer border case, Prime Minister's letter to WA Premier reveals

    "In his letter, dated August 1, Mr Morrison stated that he had "taken into account the changed state of the pandemic", and noted the "high level of concern regarding public health in the Western Australian community"."
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