howard - vizard let us down.

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    ABC Online;
    Prime Minister John Howard says he would never appoint disgraced Melbourne businessman Steve Vizard to any public body again and he is very disappointed about his misuse of public information.

    Mr Vizard has been fined $390,000 and banned from being a company director for 10 years after he admitted using Telstra board information for share trading.

    Mr Howard has told Southern Cross radio he well understands public anger.

    "Admittedly on all of the facts there was an abuse of the privilege of inside information for personal profit, now that is wrong," he said.

    "I do feel disappointed that that happened. He was appointed by my Government - plainly he let everybody down who appointed him."

    In other developments:
    Federal Treasurer Peter Costello says the show is not necessarily over for disgraced businessman and former television comedian Steve Vizard, as he could yet face criminal charges.

    Dave R.
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