howard appoints liar reith to bank

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    If you had any doubt about the moral bankruptcy of the Howard government.....

    Still banks do have such a great reputation for their humanity and honesty maybe it's an appropriate appointment after all... LOL

    Reith appointed to London bank board
    The Federal Treasurer has announced Peter Reith, a former senior minister in the Howard government, will be nominated as an executive director for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

    Peter Costello says the job is based in London for term of three years.

    Mr Reith retired two years ago after 17 years as a member of federal parliament.

    Labor leader Simon Crean says it is a case of 'jobs for the boys'.

    "Peter Reith is the most discredited politician in Australian history, he's a person that lied about the kids overboard, he's a person whose word can't be trusted," Mr Crean said.

    "He is a person who shouldn't be appointed to anything by the current Government."

    Treasurer Peter Costello has defended the nomination.

    "He's an experienced minister who has represented Australia in a ministerial capacity and I think he will represent Australia well

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