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howard and the markets disaster looms

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    The Prime Minister has a dillema on his hands now. The HIH inquiry will have to make public its findings and proffer charges or recommend the same where necessary. But can it be done?? I say not as easy.

    It is now known that Ray Williams was closer to John Winston Howard than ever disclosed before and the press for reasons best known to this coeterie of liars and dishonourable scribes have chosen to remain deafeningly mute and silent throughout which raises serious questions of media credibility and 'freedom of speech' in Australia.

    The ASX 200 insolvent companies issue, the major bank with an awful exposure to 'dogs' and to unbankable enterprises, a major insurance company and its exposure to imaginery businesses and companies with a book of hefty commissions paid out to respectable 'directors' and managers who arranged some of these shady deals and an inquiry that is not yet official involving Telstra's billion dollar 'loan' cross shareholding deal with one Richard Li now under investigation in the US, which all went up in smoke, is begining to unravel at time when 'rats are also abandoning the ship'. More liberals will resign soon as will their advsiors.

    Howard has Saddam Hussein to thank for his good fortune and the very low level of knowledge of international affairs and general intellect of the average Australian to boot. Talk about the war!! that should be his catch phrase and not 'don't mention the war!!' (a la faulty towers). A great distraction from an impending disaster.

    We are in for a right bollicking which is frightening. There is going to be even worse than a depression I fear when the housing bubble bursts. The government has spent more than Whitlam dreamed of spending whilst in office with their first home buyers scheme. All for the sake of his little nut tree (the housing bubble) to keep him in office and the hounds from the door.

    I believe the critical mass will be reached if the US decides not to go to war from sheer fatigue of threatening to go to war. The bottom will fall out of Howards juggling Winston churchill act. At least Churchill was syphlitic and a paralytic drunk. Whats John Howards excuse??

    Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

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