howard a racist...rotflmfao!!

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    I suppose there will be the usual suspects who will endorse this...

    ...but can you image Mugabe calling JH a racist with his record.??? It beggars belief

    I guess though, if you keep telling a lie long enough and loud enough - no matter how outrageous - and a few deluded soul will agree with you.

    Howard branded a racist
    By Angus Shaw in Harare
    August 17, 2003

    ZIMBABWEAN officials today accused Australian Prime Minister John Howard of racism against black nations in the Commonwealth of Britain and its former territories.

    Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe under fire / AP

    The comments follow Howard's sharp criticism of Zimbabwe's political and human right record on Friday.

    He described embattled President Robert Mugabe as an "unelected despot" and called on the Commonwealth grouping not to lift the suspension of Zimbabwe from its decision-making councils.

    Information Minister Jonathan Moyo said Howard, along with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, "have stood out as racists who want to divide the world on racial lines" and protect white interests in Commonwealth countries, the state Sunday Mail, a government mouthpiece, reported.

    Critics of the Zimbabwean government have said officials often resort to playing the race card to deflect from the economic and political chaos in the country.

    The readmission of Zimbabwe, a former British colony, to the councils is to be considered at a Commonwealth summit scheduled for December in Nigeria.

    The southern African nation was suspended for a year because of its deteriorating human rights record and disputed presidential elections narrowly won by Mugabe last year.

    Independent observers, including Commonwealth monitors, said the presidential election was swayed by political intimidation by ruling party militants, corruption and vote rigging.

    Moyo said Howard's campaign against Mugabe was a "kangaroo court" that attempted to turn Commonwealth countries against Zimbabwe.

    "We are convinced this is a kangaroo noise from a kangaroo prime minister who is frustrated the international community has refused to be used as a kangaroo court against Zimbabwe," Moyo said, referring to the Australian prime minister as "coward Howard".

    Howard is a member of a Commonwealth troika on Zimbabwe, along with South African President Thabo Mbeki and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.

    The two African presidents have been trying to bring Mugabe's ruling party and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change to the negotiating table on the country's deepening political and economic crisis.

    Mugabe, at a state ceremony last week, dashed hopes of any early compromise with the opposition. He called on his political opponents to "repent and re-orientate themselves" before national political dialogue could resume, saying "there cannot be unity with enemies of the people".

    Moderates in both parties say Mbeki and Obasanjo are pushing for talks to begin before the December Commonwealth summit. A first round of talks last year failed after the opposition refused to recognise Mugabe's re-election for another six-year term.

    Zimbabwe is suffering its worst economic crisis since independence in 1980, with official inflation at 370 per cent. Acute shortages of food and fuel have spurred a thriving black market selling goods at five times the regular price.

    The deepening economic crisis is blamed partly on the state program that seized thousands of commercial farms from the white minority for redistribution to black settlers. The program is also blamed for exacerbating a hunger crisis that threatens nearly half of the population.

    The UN food agency estimates about 3.3 million Zimbabweans are in urgent need of food aid this month, rising to 5.5 million by the end of the year. Mass starvation last year was only avoided by international food aid.

    The Associated Press
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