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    We've received a clever way of dealing to bottom dwelling stock rip-off merchant David Tweed. The Stock Avenger writes:

    'David Tweed of National Exchange wants your MONEY - why not drop him a line?

    David is what he likes to call a 'Buyer of Securities as Principal'. What this means in practice is that you will find him offering to part little old ladies and young all day suckers from any shares they may hold in particular companies, such as IAG (previously NRMA Insurance), for a (quite small) fraction of their real worth.

    For one example, today April 8 2003 David is offering to buy your shares in IAG - trading for $3.08 on the Sydney exchange - for $1 each!

    No, you read that right, he is offering you less than one third what you can get for them from any stockbroker in town.

    Well, I've got a deal for you that David's probably going to like a whole lot less than that one! And here's how it works. David has a 'Reply Paid' mailing address for your grandma to send her acceptance of his sensational offer back to him. That address is:

    National Exchange

    Reply Paid 64940

    North Melbourne VIC 3051

    Now - why not mail David something, or several things even, at his Reply Paid address?

    He likes to hear from people who have no clue of the real value of their shareholdings, but perhaps he'll also get a little kick out of hearing from you, too! Others have already sent back to David such tokens of their appreciation as:

    a brick (Reply Paid to box 64940, mind);
    all of his junk mailing returned to him;
    love letters and propositions of marriage;
    jokes about all manner of fun subjects;
    Some have sent back simply half a dozen or more empty envelopes to that address. Sure it takes a little time to write or type an address six times, but David has probably accounted for the $3.00 in postage that your modest investment of time will cost him, and he's figured that's OK! So go on, give him a thrill.

    The Pensioners' Avenger'.
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