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how to trade eto's-short &long --input plse

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    ed by Stock_Doctor

    Hi guys,

    I've never been set up to have the ablitity to go short. Which has peeved me off a bit because there is stocks i've wanted to short in the past eg Cochlear.

    I need some advice on whats the ebst way to get set up to go short. Mind you, i only want to play with small amounts of money, more to get some experience etc.

    Some suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    I trust you have to go short via warrants or something.

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    for cfds:

    cmc group (which i use)
    or ig index.

    trading short with them is just as easy as trading long. usually 10% margin. and you can start with as little as a few k.

    haven't tried options and warrants yet. there is the extra factor of time decay whith options, which doesn't apply to cfds.


    Hi Stock Doctor

    Trading the markets long or short would be a very smart way to go,

    You can trade with a small amount of capital but with very big leverage ,more leverage than you would get trading FPO's which would require a lot more money

    I think this gets you a better control on your money-as in far better risk to reward factor,

    But the same applies to trading FPO's if you pick the direction wrong you do your money, but not quiet as much,

    Various ways to trade
    I think most trade Exchange Traded Options via a broker or online ,
    ETO's are complex little buggers you select the wrong one put or call and you make zippo ,

    Unless you�fre a wizz with maths and spreadsheets try with a derivative broker, some will only charge $100.00 in and out,

    With a broker you have the advantage of his understanding of the world markets ,and movement of insto's money etc,

    We have a few ETO traders on Hotcopper maybe they will add to this .
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