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    Definitely as focussed group it can be done, but within this forum it’s likely most people are already invested, I buy what I can on dips but to get a large volume of people with free cash requires a much larger audience, iirc the GameStop coordination was done on Reddit or maybe 4chan.
    Ita a big battle to push back against 180 million shares.

    But there is another way existing holdrs can make this selling pointless, when the shorters loan large amounts of shares State Street announce it because they cease to become a substantial holder while the shares are out on loan, when this is announced we know another big wave of selling is incoming and it starts once the share price has recovered ~10-15%.
    If enough of us sell when the shorters are loaded then we get ahead of them, as they drive the price down which is obvious on big volume days like the 24th and 25th we buy them back, essentially playing their game with them but reducing their gains.

    Right now Macquarie have reports out with a price target of 90c and JP Morgan like 75c so we know they want it up before they borrow more shares from SS.
    (funnily enough Citi Group had their latest report at 50c price target so that tells us they were last to cover)

    So play their game, they announce when it’s kick off!
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