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How to screw over short-sellers

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    we are invest our hard working dollars,
    we are the share holder of Australian most shorted stock together.
    the only way out of this , to put our money with good profit back into our pocket we must stay together.
    if you buy today or you had this stock for many years months or weeks , just take your personal details off and upload it here to show that we could be next Australian group of hard working that make the short squeeze happen.
    remember this , if we buy Cxo shares as much as we could afford to invest, stay together and make our voice heard and let asx system see it that no one selling it cheap and we are adding every day together to hold position, then there is only one way.

    I wish you al success and happiness, I wish that no one allow themself to take our hard working investment with legal manipulation to their pocket.

    remember this , if anyone thinking weak and is against our idea to help to be together to take our profit back is/are working with shorter and they don’t have any place to be here.

    I love to hear more from all of you, I’m in Sydney and could arrange any meeting together over the zoom or in person and any other way to change idea to bring shorter down and show the financial institution that yes we are the holder of Cxo and yes we could do this.

    we could do it if we are together and shoulder to shoulder next each other for our life our family our kids our sick mum and dad our further our life time decisions that was good enough and finally for ourself.

    let’s all succeed the journey of short squeeze on most shorted stock of all the time core lithium.

    all the best
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