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how to ruin your law suit

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    Hi all,

    Vagif Soultanov became aware of the Alcoholics trials 4th Feb.

    SLA releases 3Y stating they purchased 72,022 shares between 4th and 8th.

    Only 43,000 shares traded on the 4th.

    Minimum of 29,022 shares purchased by SLA AFTER the 4th.

    Alcoholics trial published 14th.

    For those of you who don't get it yet, SLA has released an announcement today that, from what I can tell, basically confirms that their executive chairman had the results of the alcoholics trial while they were buying shares and before the market was informed. As a consequence, The Age article, even in its broadest interpretation is CORRECT (with the little exception of Soultanov's shareholding).

    I doubt there will be any litigation.



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