How to fix Australia’s Defence Budget

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    Last year, the Communist Party secretary of Liaoning province, was reported to have said that construction of a second carrier had already begun in the shipyard in Dalian, where the first carrier is also based, adding that work would be completed by 2020. The China Digital Times, an organisation monitoring online censorship here, said that authorities had ordered all reports of his remarks to be deleted.

    The purchase of China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, had a considerable element of subterfuge about it. A Hong Kong-based businessman and former People's Liberation Army basketball star, Xu Zengping, bought the ship from Ukraine in 1999 claiming he planned to turn it into a floating casino in Macao. Instead he gave it to the authorities, who refurbished it and eventually put it into service in 2012.

    China had been reluctant to purchase the ship in the 1990s because it was trying to repair its international image after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre; instead naval officials approached Xu to buy it on their behalf, the South China Morning Post reported. But, in an interview published last month, Xu told the paper that China had never repaid him any of the $US120 million ($153 million) it ended up costing him.

    It’s time that wealthy Australian businesses step up to the plate and foot the bill for our new submarines. Naming rights would be assured.

    HMAS Gina, Twiggy, Stokes, Singo & Packer to name a few
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