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how to cope with losing confidence

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    I was very surprised when I have realized that look like almost all retail investors have had a bite of CNP or CER including myself.

    Recent days its share price movement usually started at higher price and dribbling and then closed at lower price. This was typical pattern of lose-lose situation for almost all participants and as a result of this it is highly likely losing confidence as well. Thus losing money and confidence situation at the same time.

    From point of short term prospect, I think it is time to cure ourselves.

    It is evidence that we are human being. We can make mistakes in any investing because we are not perfect. Our judgment is imperfect. In this stock market 100% winning streak is impossible as far as I know. Sometimes lose and sometimes not lose.

    From reality check¡¯s view point, stock price itself never ever tells I am cheap or very expensive. Just, we as human being have analyzed or researched or judged it is undervalued or fair or overvalued and so on. So called human have been distinguished themselves towards any phenomena including stock price, etc. But again SP never ever tell us I am cheap or expensive or attractive or a time bomb, etc. Like sea water never ever tell I am salty, but we distinguish as salty stuff. Sun never ever tell us I am very, extremely hot but our mind distinguishes like that as SP or sea water.

    It is a pain, concerning and agony to lose money in the stock market with lowering confidence. But in prospect of above mentioned reality check point of view, any pain or
    any concerning or any agony must be conquered by our wisdom of mind. Furthermore, we all can conquer so called life and death as well as itself never ever tell there is life or death by righteous view on this kind of phenomenal/living world. Eventually, we can achieve Nirvana or Eternal Life status by conquering wrongful distinction from learning like this situation.

    About CNP, so far I was very optimistic but after revealing $1.1 b loss in recent ¨ö year report I was astonished very much. Banks (Lenders) earned their money by accumulating small money like cents or dollars from clients and then lend to the company like Centro. It is like such lending money $1.1 billion has been disappeared.

    IMO last Friday¡¯s huge volumes of closing transaction has been occurred because SH or large volumes of holder has dumped their partial holdings due to huge loss report and at the same time risk taking instos or big player(s) taken those dumped shares. In addition to retail investors growing negative sentiment ATM to CNP SP, this kind of transaction look like sign of bottoming or consolidating bottoming. I think SP will go either up north or touching underground. Maybe God(Market) only knows.
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