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    If I'm not mistaken tax was introduced on biodiesel in the last budget. That's biodiesel made for commercial sale. There's always been tax on cooking oil.

    People still brew biodiesel up for their own use out of old cooking oil they get for free from fish shops and industrial kitchens. Saves the fish shops the cost of disposing of it. Works OK in the old farm Hilux.

    Making biodiesel out of fresh cooking oil would cost far more than ordinary diesel. However, if fuel was on poor supply, any vegetable oil from any crop could be used.

    In the world right now we don't have any easy transition to vehicles powered by other than the internal combustion engine. So any alternative fuel should work in existing vehicles. It's much more difficult to change the vehicles than to change the fuels.

    What this means to me is - things like electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles or even hybrid vehicles are not likely to boom in the next few years, at least not in Australia. We will see them in low speed city aplications though.
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