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how real is the threat.

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    I hope I am right when I say this but IMHO at this point in time this is a Media beat up, less than 200 people world wide have died from this "bird Flu" since it was discovered and described by the medical fraternity who are always on the look out for another "pandemic" gravy train so they can get funding, AIDS & SARS come to mind and now you don't hear a word.
    More people have fallen off buses and died in Calcutta alone over the same period than have died from bird flu world wide, what they don't tell you is the people contracting this disease just about cohabit (r##t) with their poultry, who has died outside that phere of lifestyle, answer NO ONE and I will also bet people in asia have been dying forever from bird flu but suddenly its a world wide problem, thats just BS and whats more I will bet the makers of Tamiflu & Relenza are not stoking the fire very much either.

    My opinion and like I say I hope I am right.
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