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how quick will the tide change

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    It is not lost on me all this lamenting over MAK. Personally I would not buy MAK now as it now has a life of it's own. The longer and harder it runs the greater will be the eventual retrace. I'm not suggesting that MAK isn't a great company or that it doesn't deserve a rerating. But I am suggesting that by now many punters are buying it purely because it is going up. And to buy it many of them will be selling a load of other specs, including CVI, to fund it.

    Good luck to everyone who has done well on MAK and I am sorry that I missed the MAK train.

    However CVI is ready for an ann. of similar rerating potential. This may or may not coincide the eventual peak and subsequent retrace of MAK. When MAK finally starts to retrace there will be punters ducking for cover left, right and centre. The profits they take will be looking for a new home. CVI is very likely to be the next best thing coming up.

    I know we don't want traders here but, like death and taxes, they are a fact of life. If CVI pops they will be in the mix helping CVI to do a MAK.
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