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How often do you see this

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    Lots I think. The interesting thing about REALLY watching a handful of stocks is the games that get played. Its all education. This is the third time in the last year I have seen a concerted effort to push this stock down by this method and I'm sure it happens in heaps of others.

    Each time we have been lucky enough to have posters on HC (usually previously unknown) who have tried to talk the stock down at the same time - never with any facts.

    Check the trading pattern, small handsful of stocks used to push the stock into the red and its been happening often recently seemingly to flush out sellers at 57c that then get bought up in biggish chunks.

    GTP Great Southern Plantations Ltd FPO

    Total Trades Total Volume Last Trade V.W.A.P*
    19 103,687 57 56.98
    * Volume Weighted Average Price
    Number (s) Time
    Last Traded Price Volume Change Value Number
    of Trades
    16 - 19 12:35:48 pm 57 23,027 1 $13,125 4
    15 11:23:17 am 56 950 1 $532 1
    11 - 14 11:09:33 am 57 25,000 1 $14,250 4
    10 10:34:46 am 56 1,000 1 $560 1
    1 - 9 10:29:40 am 57 53,710 $30,615 9

    I love it - live and learn I say.

    btw I do actually appreciate your drawing my attention back to it Bully and I will watch with interest.
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