How NEARLY not to lose money

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    Buy stocks that are going up!

    And before I get the ....... dur!!!!

    I maintain there a quite a few good charts around, but most people reckon they have missed the boat when they see stocks like ION, ABS, BRZ, BRS, CSL (years ago), RIC. I wouldn't be holding most of these now but you sure wouldn't need to be Einstein to buy a stock showing a sustainable rise.

    Most surveys show over 90% of investors or traders would not buy a stock that has reached an all time high. WHY?

    You still have to do some fundamental research but a good chart is a great start.

    I am suggesting you look for a company showing a SUSTAINABLE rise, reaching it's yearly high.
    Do your fundamental analysis.
    Don't even think you may have missed the boat.
    And a stop loss of course.

    I have successfully traded SFL.

    PMP is starting to look the goods. That statement alone is sure to drive the price down!!! LOL
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