how much silver and the molyb story

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    I was asked about the minimum silver, a silver company should hold.

    The following is my personal opinion:
    Ideally, the silver should be in one project rather than spread over the continents; the exception being if there is enough silver on one or more projects. A project may have some very close locations with silver. A massive open pit may cut costs.

    I like my silver companies to have at least 200 mill ounces or working to that goal. My IMR.TSX has some 268 mill and BSG.ASX has 126 mill. BSG has some 6 drills working so I expect progress.

    The best combination is gold and silver, the reasons being that gold will subsidize the costs and one may be able to start earlier when lower prices prevail.

    Obviously, a reasonable gold grade is desirable.

    My IMR has silver and lead. Fortunately, the massive silver base makes up for the non-existence of gold. The share price hasn't really risen, though.

    BSG has a good silver/gold ratio of gold 1.8 gr/tonne;; silver 196 gr/tonne.

    I am not suggesting you should buy these. Some investors may prefer other stocks.

    What the immediate future of silver is, I don't know.

    Holds IMR and BSG
    Readers, please do your own research and you decide if and when to buy, hold or sell any stocks.


    Coppper and Molyb are often associated with gold stocks. Molyb prices can be unreliable:

    Molybdenum's Perfect Storm

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