How much is a Megawatt worth?

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    Just read in today's Canberra times that Pacific Hydro's total otput from its planned 2003 windfarms at Challicum Hills and Yambuk, in Victoria, has been bought by Origin Energy. In total this is 220,000 Megawatts.
    Does anyone know how much a Megawatt retails for?

    The output from these 2 windfarms is reported to be able to supply the power requirements of 42,000 average homes. If my home is average?? then expect a yearly power bill of approximately $1,400. Do some quick sums and this could be around $58m. At current share price ($3.20) the company is valued at around $410m. If you add this to the last financilals (from memory around $25m Profit, 2001-2002) this company appears real cheap.
    I intend to buy some. If you have any info to the contrary I would appreciate a reply.
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