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how much did citigroup lose last year

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    From the Age:

    "ASCIANO and the Citigroup report that helped drive its shares down by 60% in 17 minutes yesterday are exemplars of the 2008 bear market. As long as the bear is off the chain, the devil is not in the detail (which, in the case of the Citi report, Asciano disputes), but in the debt.

    Citigroup says it still likes Asciano's underlying assets, which centre on Patrick, a stevedore at Australia's four biggest container ports, and on Pacific National, Australia's biggest rail freight carrier, biggest east-coast grain hauler and second-biggest coal hauler. It just doesn't think they are worth enough now to do more than cover the group's huge $4.7 billion debt."

    Blah blah blah.

    How many billions did Citigroup lose last year ?
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