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How much are Directors earning from combined directorships

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    I notice that another DGR director has been appointed to board of our newly listed company in West Africa. Good if you can get the work. I forgot that they elect themselves to the position, so guaranteed I suppose.

    As a matter of interest, has anyone done a review of how much our individual Directors earn every year from their combined multiple directorships on boards created under the banner of DGR's global development. If their earnings from DGR is an example then their combined incomes of multiple directorships from all the off spin companies might just give the rationale behind this 'suspect' management strategy. In my view, it has not been in the best interest of the average DGR shareholders.

    I suggest that nothing will come back to the shareholders of DGR from the sale of OBS except those that are holders of that separate company's shares.....believe directors may have millions of dollars heading their way. Be of interest whether they actually paid for shares or were given same as a bonus. Unfortunately, my money bank didn't allow me to buy any....too much lost in DGR investment over the last 10 years.

    So I beg to ask the questions:"How much will DGR company director/s earn each year in being a board member of our newly listed iron ore venture and what will they earn from being directors in the other companies under the DGR company making banner?" I know I am down about 80+% but the Directors no doubt have earned well over the million dollars, if not many millions, in direct salaries/compensation over the same 10 year period. One answer is why wouldn't they continue with this strategy .... the directors are doing alright. In fact they are earning extremely good money. How many hours per week would one expect a Director earning $$$$$$$$ to put in per company?

    Anyway, whats another 10,000,000 English pounds put into the globalization pot....it will pay more director wages and expenses. Alas, not sure shareholders in this new venture will see any return. In fact, I suspect from DGR's track record, they will not.
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