how much advantage do they need?

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    How "brutal", how "bizarre". How pathetic.

    Tougher-than-expected Iraqi forces have stalled the US drive towards Baghdad, the top US army ground commander in Iraq said.

    "The enemy we're fighting is different from the one we'd war-gamed against," Lieutenant-General William Wallace told The Washington Post.

    Over-extended supply lines combined with an enemy using unconventional tactics make a longer war look likely, said the commander of V Corps.

    "The attacks we're seeing are bizarre - technical vehicles with 50 calibres and every kind of weapon - charging tanks and Bradley (fighting vehicles)," he said.

    "It's disturbing to think that someone can be that brutal."

    The commander made his comments amid criticism from a growing number of former and retired military leaders who say a larger force is needed in Iraq. The Pentagon has announced the deployment of an additional 120,000 troops.

    Iraqis are willing to launch suicide attacks against US forces, Lieutenant-General Wallace said. He noted intelligence reports that government loyalists have forcibly conscripted fighters by threatening their families.

    "I'm appalled by the inhumanity of it all," he said.
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