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    my trade distribution Thats an incredible win ratio boyplunger. How on earth do you do it? As someone who has been trading for 7 years and has tried every known system, I would say it is impossible. If I could get that sort of ratio I would be very rich.

    People are often asking whether traders make any money. My answer is yes, a little bit, but only if you spend 10 hours a day at it, otherwise you lose a lot.

    On the record here is my distribution of 165 trades (stocks only, no derivatives) since May 01 when I restarted trading.

    worse than -40% 8% of trades
    -40% to -20% 16%
    -20% to -10% 16%
    -10% to 0 14%
    0 to 10% 9%
    10% to 20% 10%
    20% to 40% 10%
    Over 40% 9%

    I am slightly ahead over the period, which was mostly bear market.

    Best trades in % are: NRT x 2, SCE, PIL (better than 50%, between 1 week and 3 months)

    Worst trades in % are: OTT, SCE, ATX (held for 4 months or more while overseas, -50% or so).

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