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how many more to be sold??, page-2

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    Well this 10,000 and 20,000 parcel seller has been at it for a while now. So he/she should be running out. Also remeber the stock has had a bit of trade at higher levels, so a lot of the larger holders may have already reduced their holdings. With only 20 or so million shares on issue, i'm not to concerned.

    When it listed it did a similar thing didn't it? It had an intial doubling in price or so. Then a rest as profit takers left, then the fresh traders/investors, pushed the stock a lot higher.

    Same thing here. As far as i can see at the moment it appears to be the one seller. And once he is knocked out SLT should run nicely. I'd say one or two cents a day.

    But in my opinion it is the one seller at the moment.

    I'm planning to top up today and then hold through the next week or two as the roadshow and trip to Singapore takes place. I was quite happy with what i heard from the MD yesterday when i called. He seemed very keen to get things moving, especially with things in Singapore.
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