how many lawyers?

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    How many Lawyers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Well that depends on several variables:

    1. Does the light bulb come under Federal, State or Local control?

    2. Has a competent and qualified risk analysis been carried out?

    3. If all or some of the bulb changing group are injured is there statute coverage or will compensation be persued under Tort and Common Law?

    4. Will the Lawyers involved receive adequate compensation for the light bulb changing work or will they expected to perform this potentially risky duty on a pro bono basis?

    5. Will the changing of the light bulb create a contractual basis for exposure to any current or future Carbon Tax burden?

    6. Can the light bulb changing work be performed by a para legal but still charged out at full rates based upon supervisory mitigation?

    7. If the light bulb is successfully changed will the recipient of the provided service offer a quid pro quo in lieu of fees?

    8. Has provision been made for the safe disposal of the expired light bulb which has been changed? The light changing Lawyers will accept no liability now or in the the future for any costs involved in the transport, storage and/or shipping of the spent light bulb to an approved disposal provider nor will they entertain any liability claims whatsoever once the spent light bulb has been accepted for disposal or storage by the aforementioned disposal provider.

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