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how low can gda go

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    Not much lower. 2 is not that far from 0. At these prices why bother selling. Having hung in this far Im not going anywhere. Hope this company is doing more than just worrying about consolidations I would rather the company sell off its tenements and give shareholders a return and shut up shop, rather than approve a consolidation so that GDA can continue to issue more shares and Directors spend the proceeds. Im obviously getting frustrated with lack of information other than speculation on HC. What happened with the supposed China trip or was it just a holiday. Where are details on anything happening at the company? Its not like me to go negative on a stock I own but Ive had it with this one... ButIm not selling!!!

    Luckily I am free carrying my remaining holdings. I think its time to stir up GDA management to provide regular updates and not just when they are after money. Also,given that there are exercisable options over 09 and 10 why do they need to do a consolidation with the trickery of issuing bonus shares and free oppies. Give us a break!!

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