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    I emailed PAL last week complaining about their silence. I think it owes the market an explanation - I can understand that they may be talking to potential investors, that this takes time and there are frequent delays, but it would be helpful for the management to put out a reason for the delay.

    This sort of thing has happened far too often with this Co. Although I think the project much better than Qld's magnesium project, and I think the management has progressed the project in a professional way, I'm very critical of the way that PAL management treat their shareholders, making wishful statements about when they'll deliver on project timelines and then going into long silence mode. I think the ASX should ask them why they can't deliver on time or without any explanation (reasonable or otherwise) to their shareholders for delays.

    I continue to hold PAL, hoping that one day they will actually make an announcement on schedule.
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