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    I am confident that had Bush known what was waiting for him in Iraq, he would never invaded it.

    Their US troops are trapped there and there is no exit strategy. The US is not including the Afghan and Iraqi expenditure in the Budget Deficit; if it were it would be about 25% of the total.

    That is a big load for a country which is in financial strife already.

    I have referred to this and the Iranian position in Iraq using this website:

    "The Shia will use them till they think they can handle the situation and will ask the US to go home. (So in a way, the US has assisted the Iranians while being in a check-mate position and without wanting to do so)".

    So, when will the US troops go home? Americans thought that the end of 2005 should see them go.

    NOT SO:


    "Lieutenant-General James Lovelace, director of army operations, said on Monday the army expects to keep its current level of 120,000 troops in Iraq until 2007.

    The latest estimate underscores the difficulty the Pentagon is having training enough Iraqi security forces to allow US forces to return home, although a significant portion of supplemental request will be dedicated to training efforts".

    And it is now becoming clearer that the US won't allow Iran to take over Iraq by proxy: apart from the US losing control of the oil, they can't have Iran's millitant Islam policies spreading in that part of the world.

    So, the US troops may stay for an indefinite period.
    A problem will arise if they are asked to leave. However, they could initially find a reason for staying:
    "Training of Iraqi troops still in progress as the level of experience is not good enough".

    The already poor image of the US in many parts of the world will be even more affected.

    US Deficits will remain a problem.

    Meanwhile China is giving positive messages everywhere they are going with the aim of locking in resources. As mentioned, the coming friction about resources adds a new DIMENSION to having GOLD.

    Readers, please do your own research and you decide if and when to buy, hold or sell any stocks.

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