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how long until mining?

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    Well...I couldn't take up my entitlement because the share price was well under 5c. Though that didn't stop a lot of people taking theirs up. Guys... why didn't you buy on market at 4c? Do you really think the options you got thrown in are worth paying an extra 20% for your shares? The shares are so low that you hardly need to deal in options for leverage, and they certainly won't be worth much. Maybe some people just wanted to support the company, but we shouldn't have to take a further haircut to do that. Any substantial shareholder is down a bundle. People that bought the float have lost 4/5ths of their dough.

    What I would like to know is exactly how far from pouring some gold is this company? Exactly what still needs to be done? Months pass by and we are told that 'further work was done in progressing the Broula King gold mine'. That tells us precisely nothing. We need to know exactly what still needs to be done, how much it will cost and how long it will take IF the money is available. Without that information it is not an informed market in my opinion.

    Anyone out there know ANYTHING concrete about how the work is going? Someone, please, give me a Christmas present!

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