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how long to hook up to the pipeline for first gas

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    Hi Guys,

    All smiles today as we seem to have a definite producer, not to mention the 400% profit to date.

    Does anybody out there have experience (either 'on the job' or as an investor) of hooking up a new gas well to an existing shared pipeline in an onshore US situation? I would love an overview of what is involved and how long it could reasonably be expected to take to get first gas in the line.

    The comapny has suggested 3 to 4 months (I think) but this is a vastly faster track than any gas wells I have been involved in hooking up and that is to a company owed pipeline. Then again, I am in 'Eficiency Central' in Arabia where everything takes a long time.

    In the current market, I am skeptical that the materials such as pipeline, separators, metering skids etc could be sourced in a hurry, let alone new facilities fabricated.

    Any informed insights appreciated.
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