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how i read it

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    these were my reactions/emotions when i first read the announcement, i wonder if this was th egeneral reactions:

    point A -
    awesome! offshore blocks have been offered...
    oh, terms are confidential...thats a bit strange...are the terms good or bad for shareholders?

    point B -
    oh, i thought CVI wasnt taking part in the licensing round at the end of the year...didnt MS mention in a BRR that we are sidestepping this round and these blocks are almost in the bag?...whats the story???

    point C -
    remaining onshore blocks reserved for Angolan companies!
    CVI is not angolan....we'll be lucky to get any scraps here.

    overall it seemed to me like we got the good news first followed by a lot of bad news/conflicting news...

    it felt a bit like a sure thing suddenly because everything but.

    money walks.
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