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how good is this deal really oxr holders

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    Carefully listening to the broadcast, I have come to the view that this merger has a lot of plus's and expressed them yesterday, there will always be shares holders that feel this deal is not in there best interest, each companies ceo and board has gone in to bat for there own company, I have always thought OH has done a brilliant job running the ox and is a shroud man. He has gone in and tried to get the best value for the ox shareholders, he has done his job. Now some on the zfx side may feel AM has not they may feel he may have over paid a little for agm and is selling zfx at an under valued ratio, while I feel that argument may hold a lot of water, it really is zfx camp’s problem if they feel that way. It was up to AM to get the best deal for all zfx holders.

    I’m of the view that the great OX will be a great strong well-run company with or without ZFX. The OX as all the right metals going forward, that’s why we only about 30c off our all time high, with a messy US. If this merger goes ahead I will embrace it with open arms and welcome all zfx holders, let move forward stronger for longer, if it doesn’t the great ox will still shine strong and grow. Just my thoughts

    Sure to be fair there are some OX holders that feel OH may have not done the best for their interest as well for example this is take from another board, I not saying I agree with these comments just posting them............"so.in essence, we get some short term gain with increased cash, maybe bigger dividends....and all our near term future growth gets diluted by half......PLUS we go from mainly rock solid copper/gold/ol heggars to producing mainly erratic dodgy zinc with maybe a dodgy ceo (just ask AGM holders!)!!prob a safe bet but i preferred the copper play and risk and greater upside"

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