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how good is cos???????

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    Here's a post made last week by Cloud Of Sparrows.

    Sparrows seems to be on the money. First SLT and now PBI.Im very happy i followed his researched post's and bought a few.If you cant see where this one is going you have a problem.

    Capped at around $10m ( very cheap)
    Here is COS post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks mate.


    Subject re: the tale of 3 bios / sparrows
    Posted 24/08/03 09:02 - 189 reads
    Posted by cloud of sparrows
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    Hi One Fat Lady

    If you want to get even fatter I would be definitely looking at PBI. PBI is going to break the dollar barrier not long after SLT. Brave call? Tell me that in a couple of months. Why am I so cocky on some of these stocks? Because all bios follow a pattern. Premier Bionics have done the hard yards. The human trials have been an outstanding success. This second round of trials is common in clinical trials and simply expands the locations so that other institutions, hospitals, laboratories can run their own testing procedures.

    There was an excellent article on Resmed (Billy Gatess has it in full on a previous post) in the FIN review a couple of weeks ago. All sleep apnoea companies have the same problem. They have huge waiting lists in their sleep laboratories awaiting tests to confirm their conditions - up to 6 months. PBI can solve this. They are concentrating on diagnostic procedures.

    PBI's aim is not unlike that of SLT in that its aim is to achieve near tem commercialisation outcomes and significant value creation through securing a favourable deal. What it also has in common with SLT is that its process is unique and indeed a world first which is a huge driver in potential increase of market cap.

    The intellectual property in AirwayClear is unique. The device emits a psuedo random noise. The sound passes through the breathing channel or upper airway to the base of the neck. A sensor is attached at the subject's throat, to detect the signal, after passage through the upper airway. The sensor signal is sent to a computer based unit, where the data is processed. The device identifies if the airway is closed.

    With their outstanding success it is obviously attracting interest from corporate players like ResMed and Fisher Paykel. In the FIN article it stated that "2004 is shaping up as a robust year for ResMed with the launch of what could be substantial products in terms of differentiating the company from competitors"
    I believe the only product that can separate them from their competitors is PBI's.

    The expertise and guidance passed on to PBI, SLT etc through corporate players like Peregrine is shining through. Their latest placement gives them all the aces on the negotiating table. They have the product (world first and patented) and they have cash in the bank ($4million). This simply means when the big boys make overtures of "come back in 6 months when you're out of dough and we'll do a deal", it just simply won't occur.

    PBI is capped at 9 million with 4 million in the bank. This puts a value of 5 million on its world first patent protected technology. The market they are entering is worth billions worldwide and this little company, like SLT, has made a huge breakthrough. A successful deal will send their market cap into orbit.

    One Fat Lady you have said that it appears announcement driven. I would prefer to call it milestone driven and that each announcement brings it one step closer to commercialisation and revenue flow. This company's market cap should be 5-10 times where it is today. Obviously there is huge potential or they wouldn't have raised 2.5 mill in their last placement. Instos don't throw their brass at dead ducks. They back winners in the early stages. The boys at the big end of town have woken up. Seems that the lower end of the market just ain't savvy yet. When the 2-bit players jump on board I reckon she will already be a buck and they'll be shooting to double their dough and the smart money has already got a ten bagger.

    Do your own research One Fat Lady and you should become one even fatter lady cause PBI's a winner. I have no doubts on that.

    Cloud of Sparrows

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