how do I see replies to my posts?

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    Using anything but forums (which does not work on my machine) how do I see replies to my nortons post from this morning?
    I can use search, but it seems to ignore todays posts.
    I can use latest posts, but I cant access the block earlier than 10.30 am. Can I still access the previous block somehow?
    I can use my posts, but not see replies.

    This is getting rediculous. Ive had problems with this site for 2 mths now. Im a patient guy, but its no wonder all the quality posters disappear.
    I dont even think I have a nortons problem. Ive read eddies great tips. Ive read the symantic site. Im not blocking any sender.
    I think its a java incompatibility.

    If you reply to this thread, I can see it using latest posts, so Im good for a few hours.
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