How do I post an image in my message?

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    Hope the instruction come outbelow.......
    if not for a good example go to the address below should have thought of it last night

    How do I post an image in my message?
    This is the most commonly asked question. Posting an image in the forum works the same way as posting an image on your web page. Once you understand how it works, it will be simple for you to post an image in the forum too!
    Before you can post an image to the forum, you must have the graphic uploaded to your Web site.
    Use the following example to post your own image:
    For this example we will use the following information as our graphic and Web site information. You will need to replace this information with your graphic file name and your own URL:
    Example Graphic File Name: image.gif
    Example URL where the image is:
    Since the example image is uploaded to the above URL, the actual URL to the image is:
    Here is the code used to place the image in a message:

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