how do i join one nation, 60 mins i cried

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    I just watched 60 minutes with my family and we all cried. Why did they do this thing to Pauline?

    They have shattered her and I am real angry about what they did to her.

    She was innocent and they jailed her because she represents a lot of Australians, (I hold dual citizenship with Pakistan, coz I can sell bananas to them) and we must stand up to the people who put her in jail.

    I don't care much for the bloke who got locked up with her coz I saw a picture of him and his little weiner dog, he don't seem real tuff to have such a small dog.

    I want to join One Nation somehow and help Pauline coz she speaks sense and is sexy in a funny kind of way. Don't tell my wife.

    I'm thinking of maybe running on a banana ticket or something whatever that means and help people who have had enough.

    I want Pauling to run this beautiful country coz she speaks real stuff from the heart.

    How can I donate money to One Nation, anyone know, I'm thinking maybe 10 grand or so coz stocks been good lately.

    Please help, I am angry as hell and am not gunna take it anymore.
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