How deep do you like to be?

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    Now that my thread title got your attention I wanted to know...
    I apologize if this has been asked before but I'm fairly new to trading and wanted to get a gauge on other peoples approach to it.

    Feel free to answer as little or as much as you like. I know some people they might like to keep their methods quiet or not openly discuss, which is fine but I hope to have some discussion

    1) do you always research potential stocks?

    2) do you ever just jump on the hype train and see how it goes?

    3) is there a minimum amount of shares you like to buy in?

    4) do you just buy shares based on your available funds or believe its best to have a minimum amount?

    5) are you a trader and do the rewards more or less outweigh the risks?

    6) are you a long term holder and how often do you monitor your portfolio?

    7) do you have a diverse portfolio or do you believe less is more?

    thanks in advance to anyone willing to share.
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