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how cost effective is tassie for our partner.

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    How do you get gas to market?
    How much would it cost once gas is P90?

    I posted just a quick one yesterday . Here is the rest.

    Proven gas fields in the area.

    Greater sunrise, Adadi, Barossa, Caldita, Even's shoal, Heron, Blackwood, Bayu Undan.

    How many are producing? Just one

    Bayu Undan. Partners are Conaco, Eni, Santos,tokyo Electric and Index.

    This is the field that feeds Darwin's LNG plant. The Co2 level of this field is a nice low 4%.
    The pipe line is 505km long. Approx cost in 04 was $600M for the pipeline.
    The Plant in Darwin cost $4 billion in 04.

    The stranded fields from furtherest out.

    Adabi.Co2 8% Japens Index. Tendering out for a FLNG $19.6 Billion.

    Greater sunrise. Co2 4%.Woodside, Conaco, Shell, Oaska.
    FLNG only.

    Caldita Co2 13%/Barossa Co2 16%. Cocaco, Santos.
    From what I have read, a pipe line to Darwin(260km) or FLNG.
    Here's the thing with this one. The Co2 level is to high at above 10%. So this would be no good for the Darwin plant or justify an expensive pipe line. So what do they do.
    Some thing to think about.

    Evens shoal Co2 25%. Petronas, Shell, Osaka gas and Magellan if they can come up with the cash for Santos.
    Magellan's plan is a Methanol plant in Darwin feed by pipeline.
    We could probably have a guess and use the Bayu Undan figure of around $5 Billion. Of course that does not include the hoops they would have to jump through. No one was to happy about the first LNG plant.

    So Evens shoal, Caldita and Barossa have Co2 problems. They can not just sit on them because of the Govs, "use it all loose it" policy.
    So what will they do.

    If only there was a solution for say.. $3.5 billion.

    No brainer really.

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