We should keep this discussion on the Venus thread and...

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    We should keep this discussion on the Venus thread and particularly from 1/2 way down page 2 after you guys finished your crap speak. Then science gets involved.

    There are laws in science and in basic maths. You refuse to accept and then you say Nope?

    So come on Lomu. Are you not even slightly inquisitive as to once the ratio for distance from Sun to Venus and to Earth's Top of Atmosphere is applied and the the Universally accepted application of t=(Power/sb)^.25. It nails our temperature comparison once pressure has been negated.

    This a fact and you have no answer other than NOPE and "look at my link it claims back heating" or something similar which is supposed to prove your view of the world.

    I will also remind you when METEOROLOGIST need to know the temperature at a given height or pressure in our atmosphere. They do not ask seek greenhouse gas forcings.

    Greenhouse gases are just an illusion that peeps like Tristanc perpetrate to control you.
    Stick to hardcore science. It is simple and it proves it.

    KISS principle works every time mate. We have not even begun to use the Ideal Gas Law which also NAILS it.

    Clearly you are not following science or the links. Once you talk of atmospheres above our troposphere the goal posts do move.

    e.g on earth the absorption of energy from UV into ozone is so strong that it now has a greater forcing than the density and pressure on temperature at that height

    On Venus coincidentky at around the 1 Bar or 50Km mark the Lapse rate starts changing. So getting apples and apples start to get a little difficult. Unfortunately Earth cannot draw on average Earth temps at 92 bar because it simply does doe not exist. But we are luckg in that in a stable amosphere the ideal gas law can be applied and it TOO confirms the science that greenhouse gases back heating is not a factor.

    Please do some homework mate
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