An excellent risk profile relevant to real estate that I've...

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    An excellent risk profile relevant to real estate that I've touched on before in this forum, Malmanu. In addition, and for similar reasons, one must also now look at the fire risk posed - particularly to rural and semi rural properties. The reasons are threefold: First, no one wants to be subject to an elemental disaster. Second, no one wants to see the value of their property significantly reduced due to risk - perceived or real. And third, insurance actuaries are starting to seriously factor in climate change and the effects of coastal flooding and exposure to fire risks.
    Insurance companies are already hinting that some coastal properties and fire prone areas will be uninsurable in the near future, which brings us back to reasons two and three.
    And any arguments contrary to the validity of global warming and a change in weather patterns are null and void when it comes to pressing your opinion of disbelief to an insurance company who's business it is to factor in risk.
    When you buy property these days it serves to be your own actuary. The inability to insure, or the cost of outlandish premiums will have an adverse effect on value - not to mention the physical risks (perceived or real).

    The brave new world of real estate.
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