Its more to do with affordability , in the 80's it was 4 times...

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    Its more to do with affordability , in the 80's it was 4 times income and today almost double that.

    If labor gets in affordability could improve. Negative gearing investors push up prices of existing properties. Build to rent model will improve supply , home ownership will drop and lower demand should lower prices and improve affordability.

    US build-to-rent giant Greystar, which has an $US80 billion portfolio of more than 430,0000 units globally,is eyeing a pipeline of projects in Australia,welcomed Labor's proposal, which would remove a disincentive for investment, according to Chris Key, its managing director for Asia Pacific and Australia.

    "It unlocks an enormous pool of capital, which otherwise wouldn't have done anything in Australia. We see this as hugely positive and a really big win for us and for the industry," he toldThe Australian Financial Review.

    https://www.copyright link/news/economy/labor-s-build-to-rent-changes-a-shot-in-the-arm-for-investors-20190329-p518xg
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