HWI housewares international limited

housewares international - more gains coming!!!

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    The word about town is that HWI may be expecting a better than average result.

    At least one broker seems to be more than keen on it! Wilson HTM has been picking up the majority of stock available from approximately $2 to $2.25 or so.

    Not sure when they are reporting, but it may be soon. I would expect the stock to trade closer to $2.60 or so in he near future. A fairly safe play in the prsent market.

    If anyone has the reporting dates then I would appreciate hearing from you, alternately I shall make enquiries and post my findings..

    Stick HWI in your watch list.. I'd be surprised to see it trading under $2.21 and with the buy/sell gap at close it could quite easily move a lot higher at anytime..

    Chartists may have an opinion on this one?? Please reply?


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