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    I believe its now time for adults to discuss the reality that many/most women who marry older men are doing it for the money. How many times do you see an old wrinkly guy married to a young woman usually from overseas ?

    What about having a debate about changing the laws of marriage so that if a guy wants to marry after age 60 that he would be able to do it for 5 year contract periods only? And that these contracts wont give the younger women the rights to inherit their estates if they have children from previous marriages and won't get automatic protection under various welfare benefit arrangements usually of benefit to young widows? This whole issue should be discussed in an open serious adult debate without churches & religions becoming involved.

    I believe some ex MP's & others on generous govt pension schemes have married younger women in their 2nd or third marriage who then go on to benefit from their Australian Govt Superannuation benefits which could be extended by another 50-70 years as widows compliments of Australia TAXpayers.

    By the way I have drafted many Wills. and administered Deceased Estates & Trusts.

    Another topic for discussion may be the concept that ALL marriages should be for set contractual periods starting at 7 years and renewable and or extendable if children are born to the couples up to 18 years during the period of youngest child. This concept is simple to let others get involved in the debate and contribute their own ideas.

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