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hotcoppers most popular stock??

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    Hotcoppers most popular stock??

    What is it now?

    This week it was ADY.?

    Before that TAS?

    Before that BKV?

    Before that PNO?

    Before that LEG???

    I'm sure I have missed many worthy contenders.

    What do they have in common?

    Huge falls from their highs.

    Longer Term regular posters seem to be the 1st to get in & out.

    Newbie posters seem to be the last to get in & the last to get out & cop the losses.

    Big Buyers, more often than not, in spec stocks, are hot copper readers.

    Hotcopper moves small micro-cap spec stocks.

    Invariably newbie hotcopper readers who choose to trade in these stocks for a potentially quick profit, soon turn from traders, to investors.

    A quick profitable day trade, turns into a investment when share prices drop because news is "just around the corner".

    Management in most micro-cap stocks are dishonest.

    Dishonest by trying to create false impression.

    False Impression on results announced, false impression on the most likely possibly outcome.

    This Dishonesty is very hard to prove so it happens time & time again.

    IMO it is better to invest in shares with at least a 6 months term time frame & also at least 1 weeks THOROUGH prior research.

    If you wish to sleep well at night BUY blue chips.

    The stockmarkets of the world are trending up.

    If you buy ASX shares & hold you can expect dividends as well as Capital gains.

    If?? Capital gains & dividends from Blue chips are not enough to live off for you?

    I would suggest,

    Drug dealing & pimping as alternative High risk, High reward, potentially high loss operations for cash production.

    (I am not a qualified financial advisor)

    Anybody wish to comment??


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