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    I was looking at xtv networks, and thought would,T be nice if Hotcopper had an online video stream like a little TV show!
    Content could be interviews with companies CEOs, mainly small caps even dreadful Penny's.... Pannel discussions on stock and business etc....
    Channels like CNBC, Bloomberg and Sky cover markets...currencies and heavy stuff... Discussions and Q&A about shares are boring and restrictive.. But they are still wonderful services...when the Dow swings at night I am glued to the show for hours...and in the mornings when the fabulous Suzanne Lee is on CNBC Asia I feel 20 years younger..She is a good sort with a brain and a half and she knows it?
    The ABC used to have a good business show on Sundays, after insiders, that I enjoyed watching for years...but they dropped it like most of their quality social, business,and comedy shows..Landline is still on luckily... The best the ABC could offer now is dirty politics.,..I am sick and tired of all the political coverage these days, local and international. It is too much..
    We need more cultural and business shows of Australian content... Nice to be a dreamers...Hotcopper TV!!!¡?
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