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    This was posted on Hotcopper Stockpicker -n the other beta site---well worth a look.

    Well done all in two days and looks like going a lot further.

    This guy got it right--

    KCN - Kingsgate Consolid.
    Title: KCN to gain....
    Picked by: Monty
    Picked on: 28/10/02
    Pick Expires: 28/11/2002
    Pick Price: $2.8
    Current Price: $2.99
    Predicted Price: $2.99
    Current Return: 6.79%
    Predicted Return: 6%

    KCN will report production figures in two days. It is expected to reflect another good Q,result of 40,000 oz ata cash cost of less than $US 75/oz.

    The company is confidently predicting 160,000 oz of gold for the full year.

    Profit should come in at $30mill . That represents about 60c per share.

    The recent inclusion in the ASX index will peg any downside.

    Further rerating is expected as it is recognised a a premium gold producer.

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