hotcopper punters club sat 7 feb 2015

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    Hi guys Punters Club for this weekend is now open. Please try to ensure your 'bets' are in before 6pm Sat HotCopper time. Here is a full overview of the rules:

    1. All outlays to be in before 6pm Sat 7 Feb 2015.

    2. We each get $10,000 in our kitty to play with.

    3. You can bet on any thoroughbred race meeting Saturday (eg. MLB, SYD, BRS etc).

    4. You can choose any form of bet (eg. Win/Place/Quadrella/Trifecta/All Up etc.). However no jockey challenge bets are allowed.

    5. All winnings to be calculated using Super TAB dividends. If you prefer to bet on Sydney Big Six please mention that in your post and then NSW TAB dividends apply.

    6. All posts and running comments to be kept on this thread so we can all enjoy the progress of the day.

    7. Please keep your own winning calculations if possible.

    Good luck
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