HotCopper Punter's Club 17/11-18/11-----2023

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    Punters...Friday Night into Saturday
    Mooney Valley, Canterbury and throw in Launceston.
    Anyone for the Hall of Fame ? 842,000 will get you in.....Check below.
    Good luck All

    Here is a full overview of the rules:

    1. All outlays to be in before the Last AustralianThoroughbred Race (Saturdays).

    2. We each get
    $10,000 inour kitty to bet with.

    3. You can bet on any
    Thoroughbred race meetingin Australia/NZL, ie the Nominated Friday Night Race Meetings into Saturdayseg. MLB, SYD, BRS, ADEL, PERTH, NZL, PROVINCIAL etc.

    4. You can choose any form of bet featured on VICTAB for example …………………..

    Win/Place,Alluppers, Trifecta, Quinella/Exacta, Running/DailyDoubles, Quadrellas etc.

    However :No Jockey Challenge Bets, No Parlays, NoBig Six, No Bundle Bets allowed.

    5.All winnings to be calculated using (Super Tab) VIC TAB TOTE Dividends.

    (NoFixed Odds bets)

    6. Please keep your
    ownwinning calculations.

    7. With
    Single Bets nominate the Name ofthe Horse where possible.

    8. Correct any mistakes

    9. In the event of a mistake
    not being corrected eg with the wrong Horse Number or Race Number, then the Name of the Horse overrides all, if used!

    10. Keep all Bets on the Hotcopper Punter’s Club “Betting Thread”.


    #1-Saturday 21 Sept 2013 fluffynymph $2,540,100

    #2- Saturday4 June 2016 Farlap $1,912,500

    #3-Saturday 3 Nov 2018 Champee $1,386,960

    #4- Saturday31 Oct 2020 Champee $1,380,400

    #5- Saturday7 May 2016 Waranphil $1,359,040

    #6-Saturday23 April 2022 Jla31411 $1,152,250

    #7- Saturday16 Dec 2017 Champee $1,005,213

    #8- Saturday10 Nov 2018 Twobees $920,000

    #9- Saturday4 Nov 2023 will do $894,960

    #10- Saturday18 Sep 2021 Jla31411 $841,998
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