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    This is my final post warning re: Same matter.
    After this, and if no one cares to address the problem (hacking/unauthorised connections..Indirect Denial of Service ) I will go directly I MEAN IT THIS TIME to the governmental official body, the IT Ombudsman. I will also piublicise it as much as I can to other fora newspapers etc.
    Here is the problem:
    Everytime I connect to Hotcopper automatically I am connected 12 times(!!!) to the same IP:

    The details of the IP are as follows:
    inetnum: -
    descr: MedNetwork Systems Pty Limited
    descr: 3/209 Castlereagh Street
    descr: Sydney
    descr: NSW 2000
    country: AU
    admin-c: DG63-AP
    tech-c: DG63-AP
    remarks: ** Conversion note - reference 'DG10-AU' changed to 'DG63-AP'
    remarks: Record imported from AUNIC as part of AUNIC->APNIC migration
    remarks: Please see
    mnt-by: MAINT-AU-DG63-AP
    changed: ****** 19970131
    changed: ************** 20010525
    source: APNIC

    person: Dennis Gray
    address: Far East Information Resources
    address: 91 Queen Street
    address: BEACONSFIELD
    address: NSW 2015
    phone: +61 2 9310 7907
    phone: +61 2 9310 7917
    e-mail: ******
    nic-hdl: DG63-AP
    remarks: Proprietor
    remarks: This data originated from AUNIC, and was copied as part of
    remarks: the AUNIC to APNIC migration.
    remarks: Original nic-hdl in AUNIC: DG10-AU
    mnt-by: MAINT-AU-DG63-AP
    changed: ****** 19960909
    changed: ************** 20010523
    source: APNIC

    This has been going on for months, if not years....
    I have posted once-twice before, complaining about this unauthorised intrusion.
    To no avail.
    No reply from Hotcopper.
    Now the situation is getting worst....Whereas before I was getting 4-5 connections to MEDNETWORKSYSTEMS, now the number has increased to 12(!!!!). The result being almost suffocation to my connection (since I am am on a dial-up connection).....
    The situation is getting worst.....
    The same people are (through my IE) following me everywhere...To My Email...To any page I open....They always connect (not through MEDNET-They are not that stupid...) through either Iprimus or (lately) Iinet (a Perth based ISP).
    Even when I open my Yahoo messenger they manage to have their own direct connection (s) to my computer.

    Before I take it (and BELIEVE YOU ME, I will, this time) further I want to know these things, hence (once again...) my questions to the Hotcopper management:
    !) Is (are) MEDNET directly linked with H/C?
    2) Are the MEDNET people the same ones who own H/C?
    3) Is the management of H/C aware of the ILLEGAL activities (cyber crimes) perpetrated by the "guys" at MEDNET?
    4)Who are the MEDNED people?
    5)What is their connection with the USA MEDNET at UCLA?
    ............A satisfactory answer to the above questions will be appreciated and (perhaps...) stop me from taking the appropriate measures via the Governmental authorities.

    *** Enough is enough......

    PS. More (explosive) info might follow.......


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