Hi Bollingenuity, I take on board the pain, but trading stocks...

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    Hi Bollingenuity, I take on board the pain, but trading stocks coming out of trading halts or suspensions after market open clearly comes into this rule.
    Trading is only available on ASX stocks over 20c. Buys or sells placed after 10am will take the next close price
    This usually negates stocks opening late after a trading halt.

    We have allowed opening trades to continue, and 95% of the time they don't make a significant difference if there was a small uptick, but when tips are specifically taken to take advantage of a loophole, we have always reserved the right to adjust, such as members using splits or consolidations.

    First 3 of your tips would have reduced your capital so that the following tips wouldn't have been able to take the same amounts later, with a loss being registered on MTC, and only very small gains on GSW and MQR. They did keep going, (tips that were after 10am) but that's enough for now.

    Yes, the rules should no doubt reflect this more adequately., but it's the first time tips have caused a change of the final leaderboard to occur.
    Also, we can't unfortunately make adjustments as they happen, as it would take too much time.
    the onus is on members to know that they risk a tip being not counted if they've taken advantage of the time delay loophole.
    No changes are being made to the current site now, while techs are working on the new site changes.

    Whether there are significant changes made to the comp, or whether it's dropped completely, I don't know yet.

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